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So you’ve probably heard that college is going to be a huge transition from high school, that there are tons of new opportunities you’ve never even dreamed of waiting for you, and all in all, college is going to be nothing like high school. This is true, in most respects.

However, I am here to reassure you that not quite everything will change; in fact, you’ll encounter lots of moments on a daily basis that might make you think “huh, and here I thought I had left high school behind!” Below you’ll find some of the many similarities I’ve discovered between high school and college:



1. Being late to school/class
If you can’t relate to this one, you’re either lying or one in a million.




2. Having your stomach grumble during class
College students are always hungry, and the classroom never seems quieter than when your stomach is about to make its hunger known.
My consolation (and yours) is that for every time it happens to you, it’ll also happen to five other people, sometimes at the same time. So at least you know you’re not alone!




3. Trying to juggle extracurricular activities with classes
You don’t become any less busy (if anything, you just accumulate more and more things on your calendar until you don’t know what to do with yourself), but you learn how to prioritize and use each second as efficiently as possible.




4. Procrastinating
This is pretty much a given; a vast majority of students suffer from it on a daily basis (I’ve got an especially bad case of it). The nice thing is that you know you’re not the only one; your friends will be right alongside you, avoiding their work just as much as you are. This might make you feel better, until everyone suddenly realizes it’s 2AM and starts panicking.
The key is to surround yourself with people who aren’t procrastinating. Force yourself to go to the library, where seeing the dozens of students hunched over their desks will push you to work too so that you can enjoy yourself later, guilt-free.




5. Having study periods
Remember those 50 minutes every day when you got to just do homework (or more likely, watch YouTube videos)? Well, now you get to have “study periods” basically every day, because college schedules are never straight cut; classes can be hours apart from each other, in which case you’re free to do as you please, whether that be homework, napping, or eating lunch with friends; the choice is entirely up to you!




6. Asking for rides
Whether it’s a ride to school or to the movies, the time before you get a license sometime junior or senior year of high school (or even later) is basically one long stretch consisting of you asking anyone and everyone who can drive to take you places.
In college, you’re stuck again asking people for rides, not because you can’t drive, but because you don’t have a vehicle of your own to operate (most colleges don’t let freshmen bring cars). This time, instead of asking parents, you’re asking anyone who has a car, basically: friends, roommates of friends, older siblings of friends, etc.




7. Getting lost on campus
I got lost twice on the first day of middle school, and then again on the first day of high school. And those were just single buildings. Needless to say, I also hit a few snags trying to find all of my classes during the first week of college freshman year.
It’s okay though, because if you’ve been lost before, you know you’ll eventually find your way, just as you did in high school. Better yet, I can guarantee you that there will be other freshman even more lost than you. So take advantage of the friendly orientation leaders (link to Jeanette’s article) and ask for help; before you know it, you’ll practically be able to walk the campus blindfolded, and you’ll be the one giving directions to the next generation of students!




8. Formals
Whether it’s date night with a frat brother or a club event, you’ll have plenty of chances to dress up with friends or be with that special someone.




9. Lugging around a heavy backpack
While you don’t have to carry all your textbooks to class each day, you’ll probably still end up bringing a few to study from when you hit the library stacks after classes.
Thankfully, some days all you have is one class, and maybe that one class is only five minutes away from your dorm, making it all the easier. Or, even better yet, one of your friends can drive you to class and you can avoid carrying the heavy backpack altogether.
Eventually, you’ll probably stop noticing the weight on your back altogether. Maybe.




10. Feeling a whole flurry of emotions as the school year approaches
Whether you’re dreading the approach of school starting or couldn’t be more excited, these feelings will all return in full force each year in college. If anything they’ll be even stronger, because in college, you’re not only looking forward to seeing friends again and maybe showing off the new outfit you got over the summer.
The beginning of each school year in college also means returning to a place you’ll end up calling home, being able to grab the coffee you’ve been craving at your favorite café again, and attending parties and meeting new people everywhere you turn. But most importantly, it’s knowing that you’ll have another year of learning to prepare you for the real world, plus another year of endless adventures to look forward to with friends both old and new.

June Xia

June is a junior at Cornell University studying biology. She attended public high school in the Philly suburbs, where she ate lots of water ice and hoagies. June enjoys watching TV, playing candy crush, and reading the New York Times. Writing poetry and knitting kept her sane during admissions season, plus a lot of chocolate and hugs; she made it out alive, and is all the more introspective and aware thanks to the experience.