Month: July 2016

Everybody Talks

I couldn’t put my finger on it before, but I could now see that sometimes I arrived early or took on extra tasks at work out of defiance. It was if by doing more than what I was asked to do, I was proving to everyone that I could work as hard, if not harder, than what my mom had implied, that her advice was not only being followed, but was rendered unnecessary.

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The Most Beautiful Libraries of Each Ivy League School

Libraries are more than just a place to cram during finals week. Not only are they are home to countless books and rare documents, library buildings also display impressive feats of architecture. These spaces have rich histories, from the accomplishments of their namesakes to the people who have traversed the halls since they were built. Below are some of the most impressive libraries the Ivy League has to offer; they are well worth a visit if you ever get the chance!

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4 Things You Wish You Could Say to Nosy People During Admissions Season

During application season, I was sometimes baffled by why so many people wanted to know the exact same thing about me, over and over again. For example, why does it matter to my neighbors whose children are barely out of preschool where I’m headed to college? Even if they hadn’t already heard from my mom, my college list isn’t really relevant to their lives, now is it?

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