Month: July 2016

A College Application, as Written by a College Student

Writing a college application in retrospect means being able to make light of past situations that may have been uncomfortable. And that’s an important step in the growing process. It means I have perspective, maybe. Well, at least enough perspective to revisit what once was an incredibly stressful time in my life and reassign those stimuli to more lighthearted contexts, possibly symbolically letting go of that stress and becoming a person better equipped to deal with college and adult life as a whole. Or maybe I’m just screwing around. But, as I’ve learned to stress less about life in general, I’ve learned that there’s merit in screwing around, too.

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The 80/20 Rule of Relationships: Something I Wish Someone Told Me About Choosing Colleges

My friend has actually taught me a lot about relationships because she seeks counseling from the internet and often stumbles on really interesting stuff. (Thank you, Tumblr.) And I usually benefit a lot from this because I’ve found that ideas are usually not applicable to just one particular situation. Being a college student for two years (wait, what?) has taught me that your alma mater is a living, breathing organism, and you have a relationship with it that operates in similar ways, sometimes, to the relationships you have with “actual people.”

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