Month: July 2017

Textbooks: How to Never Pay Full Price

As a college student, textbook prices are something we care a great deal about. After all, our wallets are still in their infant stage. Prices for textbooks are not getting any cheaper–they are in fact getting more expensive. But even while the prices for textbooks go up, the amount you actually pay can go down. Here are some tips on how to save money on your textbooks.

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College Applications Don’t Have To Be A Sink-Or-Swim Endeavor

Every time I think about applying to anything, it’s like I’m staring at a huge ocean, with no idea how to swim. Hopefully, this isn’t how you feel right now as you work on your college applications. If it is, don’t worry. While it may feel like you are swimming alone in deep waters, the truth is that there are a lot of people willing and eager to help you. As you begin your college applications, you don’t have to feel like it’s all on you to stay afloat.

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Opportunity Doesn’t Always Knock: Making Your Own Chances to Shine in High School

Once I started college and got to know my classmates, I realized that some of my peers had done things in high school that seemed absolutely incredible, from high-profile internships to national-level competitive titles to long lists of independent projects. Some were things I never considered for myself; others were things I never knew existed. I was somewhat baffled to find that these otherwise-ordinary people had had such amazing opportunities at such a young age.

Years later, I realized that I had been holding onto a lot of misconceptions about how people accessed exceptional opportunities. I learned some important lessons, which I’d like to pass on to you. Read on for my personal advice on seeking out special opportunities in high school, asking for what you want, and most importantly, believing in yourself enough to turn an idle wish into a solid plan.

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When Do I Start Adulting? Navigating Between Childhood and Adulthood When Preparing For College

Being a teenager can be an exercise in contradictions, and that fact becomes particularly visible as college application season looms. How can you pick the college that’s best for your intended future career when you still have a curfew? How can you ask for help when it seems like you’re supposed to be working on your independence? When it comes down to it, are you an adult or a child?

As with many other issues, the answer to this question is far more complicated than one or the other. Even though it’s uncomfortable, the reality is that when you’re in your late teens, you’re somewhere in between. Read on for how to get more comfortable in that middle ground as you get ready for your transition to college.

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