Month: August 2017

X-Men Personas: Mutants In College

I’ve dreamt about what life would be like as an X-Men for so long, it’s like I’m obsessed. So, I imagined a few of our favorite X-Men in college. If you like the movies, I think you’ll like this. I’ve paired a select few mutants with different college personalities and typical situations that a college student will have to experience. When you’re in your classes, you’ll see people like this everywhere—just without the super abilities.

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Exceptional in High School, Ordinary in College: How to Navigate the Transition

When you’re used to receiving praise and other rewards for standing out from the rest of your high school class, that positive reinforcement becomes an everyday part of your life. Competitive colleges, however, are very different environments—they’re full of high achievers and talented students just like you, and inevitably, many whose talents exceed your own.

So what happens when it’s no longer a given that you’ll be at the top of your class? What do you do when school isn’t as easy anymore, praise and acclaim are harder to come by, or you no longer feel that your academic talents make you quite so special and unique among your peers?

It happened to me. Here’s what I learned about how to accept and appreciate myself for who I am and get comfortable with both my strengths and my weaknesses. Arriving at a college with an illustrious student body shook my sense of identity a little, but with some perspective, I was still able to have an exciting, fulfilling, and challenging college experience.

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What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Why Your High School Nightmares Aren’t So Scary After All

Whether you literally experience nightmares about school or not, you’ll likely agree that the college application process brings with it possibilities that are pure nightmare fodder. Everyone in your life is bombarding you with information and telling you that the choices you make now will shape the rest of your life, and the most difficult part is that they’re right.

Under this kind of stress, when every decision seems deeply significant, it’s easy to overreact to problems that aren’t really that serious. A small error might make you feel like you’ve ruined your entire existence forever and torpedoed every chance you had at having a good life. (That’s called catastrophizing, and it’s no good.)

Never fear! With a little creativity, flexibility, and determination, you can conquer your worst college application nightmares—or help yourself avoid them in the first place. As you’ll see, even if the worst happens, there’s a way forward—a fact that may help ease your mind as you pursue your dreams.

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Starstruck: How to Deal With Meeting Your Heroes in High School and Beyond

It’s always an exciting experience to meet your heroes in person. Whether you appreciate their work, respect their personal qualities, or just think they’re really cool, these people can have a major impact on your life, and getting to interact with them in real life is an amazing opportunity.

However, it can also be quite stressful. Speaking for myself, meeting someone whom I highly respect comes with the strong chance that I’ll just emit an incoherent squeaking noise in lieu of an insightful comment, and then slink away to hide in the coat closet for the remainder of the event.

Not everyone is that shy, of course, but it’s easy to get flustered when you come face-to-face with a person you’re really excited to meet. Here’s my advice for how to prepare for these situations, approach them with confidence, and put your best foot forward.

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