Month: November 2017

How Much Should I Talk to My Parents in College?

Any way you slice it, starting college means substantially altering your relationship with your parents. If you’ll be living apart from your parents, as is the norm at most top-tier schools, the difference in your day-to-day life will likely be dramatic, both for you and for them In this context, it’s easy for communication—how much, when, and by what means—to become a source of uncertainty or even stress.

If you’re still in high school, and especially if you don’t have older friends or siblings to consult, you’re probably wondering what a “normal” or “average” college student’s relationship with their parents looks like. (Of course, this can be expanded to other family members as well.) Sure, you have your own preferences, but it’s also valuable to have some basic parameters to use for reference.

The truth is a little more complicated, and your eventual arrangement will depend upon decisions you make as a unique and specific family. Read on for more information about the breadth of “normal” college experiences, the needs you’ll have to address on both sides, and the importance of communication in coming up with a plan that works for you

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