Nervous about starting college? Put these games on your summer reading list!


1. Skyrim


Preparation Games Skyrim

You can choose any major or minor you want, but your life will be much easier if you pick the right skills to focus on. Also, you’ll have the option of participating in an awful lot of side quests that don’t advance the main story.


2. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Preparation Games Keep Talking

Every group project ever. You have a bunch of people yelling incoherently, and if you’re lucky, everyone will get their tasks in before the deadline. No one notices all the times you somehow translated “paragraph octopus starburst emoji” into a coherent solution, but the one time you mix up “your” and “you’re”, no one talks to you for a week.


3. Portal


Preparation Games Portal

Just like a college class, Portal teaches you to think in completely new ways as it guides you through a series of increasingly-difficult concepts… and then suddenly throws everything and the kitchen sink at you. Fingers crossed that you remember that one trick you never used after level 2. Comes with a sarcastic TA that makes you feel sort of bad for taking so long to figure things out.


4. Myst


Preparation Games Myst

This is Finals Week in a nutshell: comb through the environment to find scraps of information and then hope that your notes are good enough to get you through a series of tasks. The game is even segmented by subject; to get to, say, the Music Age, you simply open the appropriate book. Just like during a final, there’s no one around to help you work through things (and if you do try to talk to anyone, there’s a chance you’ll get thrown out).


5. The Typing of the Dead


Preparation Games Typing

If you misspell too many words, your professor will eat your brain.