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As admissions season draws near, people can become hypercompetitive about test scores, GPA, and everything else colleges consider important. Want a break from all the stressful rivalry? Here are some ideas for competitions that won’t change anyone’s life.

1. Peep Jousting




Get a box of Peeps. Have everyone draft teams. Set up a tournament bracket. Battle to the death!
To prepare a Peep jouster, stick a toothpick in the Peep’s chest and drop it in the microwave facing another Peep. Run the microwave and see which Peep gets popped first.

2. Modern Art Exhibition



Everyone has an artsy side. Let it shine! No need for outside judges – give all participants a ballot with categories like “Most Uplifting” and “Tastiest” and tally the results at the end of the showing.

3. Crazy Youtube Videos



The theme is the most important part of this. For example, “Make an action movie trailer using only furniture as actors.” Hold a red-carpet screening of your final products and convince some parents or siblings to act as judges.

4. Iron Chef: [Neighborhood]



Split into teams and take over a couple kitchens for an hour, and then hang out and eat the results. If your family members liked being film critics, invite them back as food critics!

5. Non-Pumpkin Carving



Give each participant a different fruit or veggie. Spend an hour carving your food into a masterpiece. You can agree on a theme in advance, like “Summer” or “Famous People” – no need to restrict yourself to spooky faces!

6. Silly Decathlon


Photo credit: Janet Chen

Make a list of athletic activities that can be done around the neighborhood. How long can you balance on an exercise ball? Who can do the most underwater somersaults in one breath? How many tennis balls can you get stuck in a tree? Compete for 1st place and tally up everyone’s scores once all the events are finished.

Silly competitions are designed to remind you that your peers are your friends, not your rivals (yes, even during admissions season). The sky’s the limit; if none of these ideas strike your fancy, come up with something new!