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Everyone knows that going on a good Twitter rant is great for relieving stress, but Tweets from these accounts provide a way to destress that involves less work (and later embarrassment) for you as you try to relax during admissions season.

USA Today College (@USATODAYcollege)
Their bio says a lot: “For students, by students.” This Twitter account is full of funny, relatable little diversions like this one:

Relevant college news pieces like this one:

And good advice like this:

College Campuses (@CollegeCampuses)
This account, featured in the headline image, displays beautiful pictures of college campuses. It serves as a nice reminder that every college is beautiful and has something to offer. (I would say, “Like every student,” but that would be cheesy.)

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Good Vibes (@LotsOfGoodVibes)
Yeah, I know, you’re too old for inspirational Tweets (aren’t we all?). But seeing a message from this account every once in a while does help to brighten up your day and even put a bit of the admissions process in perspective.

Buzzfeed (@BuzzFeed)
Do I even have to describe this one? It’s BuzzFeed. You know it, you love it, you hate it a little. Quizzes, articles about politics and celebrities and fandoms, you name it. Here you get a taste of the world in digestible pieces.

“You’re never too adult for cute animals.” – BuzzFeed’s mission statement, probably

CollegeHumor (@CollegeHumor)
Yes, CollegeHumor is more High School Humor than anything – but that’s partly why it’s so great for college applicants. You are high school students, and sometimes you want to turn your uniquely sardonic and inspired eyes on reality and laugh. And CollegeHumor is there for you.

Etsy (@Etsy)
Etsy is something you need in your life. Period. Unique college supplies, outfits, and accessories abound. You’ll find trinkets for any fandom here. If college is really about finding yourself and figuring out who you are, you should definitely approach that goal through shopping for one-of-a-kind stuff.

And with kernels of wisdom like this, you can’t help but follow them.

Sarah Chandler

Sarah Chandler is a junior at Cornell University studying Performing and Media Arts and Psychology.As much as she loves writing for CollegeVine, she'd rather be astral projecting or watching The Office. She has too much fun writing bios like these for her own good.