If you look at the subjects offered by most high schools, you’ll probably walk away convinced that the entirety of scholarship consists of social studies, English, math, and three sciences. If your passion doesn’t lie in one of those fields, college can sound like four more years of boredom. Fear not! Here are just some of the fascinating topics you can study after high school:

1. Archaeology

Awesome Subjects Archaeology


Become a real-life Indiana Jones (but with fewer arrow traps). Did you enjoy playing in the sandbox as a kid? Do you want a sandbox the size of a city? Unsurprisingly, this is a subject with a high probability of field trips.

2. Gothic Fiction

Awesome Subjects Gothic


There aren’t many classes that turn munching on popcorn and watching a horror flick into homework. If you love spooky stories, you might also enjoy studying the various flavors of Gothic media from classic novels to feature films.

3. Dance

Awesome Subjects Dance


If you’ve taken dance lessons, they were probably after school or as part of a sports team. Turns out, you can actually build an entire degree around dance! Perform, choreograph, and even go out into the field to ‘capture’ a unique style by learning it yourself.

4. Education



Instead of fleeing from boring subjects, you could develop new techniques for making learning fun. A degree in education doesn’t mean you have to become a teacher – you can focus on anything from classroom engagement to university administration.

5. Linguistics

Awesome Subjects Linguistics


Your high school probably offers foreign language courses. If you’re lucky, you even have several languages to choose from. But did you know you can actually study the basis of language itself? If you’ve ever found yourself trying to understand a rolled r or how three languages can come up with such different pronunciations of ‘ll’, this might be your calling.

6. Physical Therapy

Awesome Subjects PT


A basketball game might last a mere 48 minutes, but physical therapists put in hours of work before and during the game to keep athletes moving. PT can also help a stroke victim regain the ability to walk, or ensure that a child’s broken leg won’t cause long-term problems. If you want to heal people but don’t want to be a doctor, physical therapy is something to look into.

7. Library Science

Awesome Subjects Librarian


Did you know that being a librarian requires its own degree? You can even specialize in an area of your choice, so if you’re torn between a love of books and a passion for any other subject, you can choose both!

Maybe none of these topics caught your attention. That’s okay! This is obviously just a tiny fraction of all the amazing subjects you can pursue in college. So when you’re feeling uninspired by your class options, remember that there’s a lot to look forward to.