With colleges becoming more and more selective every year, college admissions is becoming an increasingly stressful process for everyone involved — as current college students, we know this best. And we also know that in the race to raise test scores, boost GPAs, and polish applications, one important thing often gets overlooked: the people.

With Zen, we hope to introduce a humanizing presence into the conversation about college admissions that addresses the pressures and worries surrounding admissions season. We hope that by sharing our experiences (of going through the process) and our insights (now that we’re done with the process), we’ll be able to alleviate some of the stress that may come your way.

We understand that we can’t make colleges any less picky or competition any less fierce. But we hope that by providing a window into our thoughts and lives, we can — at the very least — make everything feel a little less crazy, a little less overwhelming, and a little less impossible.

— The CollegeVine Zen Team