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Textbooks: How to Never Pay Full Price

As a college student, textbook prices are something we care a great deal about. After all, our wallets are still in their infant stage. Prices for textbooks are not getting any cheaper–they are in fact getting more expensive. But even while the prices for textbooks go up, the amount you actually pay can go down. Here are some tips on how to save money on your textbooks.

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Your Income Doesn’t Have to Determine Your Education

When I was choosing my university, I focused on one factor more than anything else—the price. Tuition was the primary factor that determined which schools I applied to. Incredibly, there have been many new policies created throughout the US that are allowing more students to further their education. These type of changes are happening everywhere, providing new options for those who may not have even considered college before.

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College Rankings Aren’t Enough: The Hiring Patterns of the Technology Industry

In 2014, Wired published an analysis of the top “feeder” schools to the leading tech companies. Using data from LinkedIn profiles, they looked at the alma maters of employees from Microsoft, IBM, Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter and discovered an interesting pattern: most of these schools tended to recruit locally (with the exception of IBM, which relied on Indian universities).

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