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With both presidential elections and college applications come a lot of uncertainties about the four years to follow, so here are a few situations in which you might respond to a rejection – or just the uncertainty of application season in general – the way people have responded to Trump’s election.

When you maybe should have had a glass of water to prepare.

When you just need a little comfort food.

When maybe it’s time to travel.

When you feel the need to make some radical and unnerving comparisons.

When it’s time to make a movie reference in order to cope.

When brevity doesn’t preclude melodrama.

When you need to pretend like you didn’t try because who cares, really.

When you start thinking maybe this is all for the best.

When you remember you’re a millennial so technically you still have a lot to look forward to.

Just replace “elections” with “rejections.”

When you need to remember the important things.

Sarah Chandler

Sarah Chandler is a junior at Cornell University studying Performing and Media Arts and Psychology.As much as she loves writing for CollegeVine, she'd rather be astral projecting or watching The Office. She has too much fun writing bios like these for her own good.