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You may have thought the SAT was a simple standardized test, but did you know you can actually learn a lot about someone from their SAT score? Read on to find out exactly you’re your SAT score says about you! (You can find an ACT-to-SAT score converter here if you need one.)

SAT Eyechart

1600: Congratulations! You never settle for anything less than perfection. You probably memorized the eye chart to make sure you’d score 20/20.

1530-1590: You’re humble and grounded. You’re just as skilled as anyone who scored a 1600, but no one accuses you of bragging when you share your score. You might be secretly glad you missed that one math question.

1520: Are you sure this isn’t your PSAT score?

1470-1510: An excellent role model, your motto is, “Everything in moderation.” You scored higher than the vast majority of your peers while leaving time to appreciate the finer things in life, like fresh-baked cookies and that awesome new video game. The list of colleges you’re applying to is short enough that you can actually recite the whole thing from memory.

Under 1460: You’re bright, attractive, funny, charming, and an excellent conversationalist. Unfortunately, the SAT tests none of these qualities. Fortunately, colleges know that. Knock their socks off with an application that shows just what a fantastic person you are.

1091: You are precisely 5’ 5.6” tall and weigh 127.5 pounds. You live with exactly 3.2 immediate family members and your family has 1.8 cars (that .8 of a car was perfect for learning how to drive). You are living proof that the average high school student is actually quite unique.

410-800: If you’re going to use your SAT II scores, at least add two of them together or something.

SAT Blank


400: You are a secret agent who was urgently called away on a matter of global importance immediately after writing your name on the test. It might have involved lasers and an underwater lair – but if you told us, you’d have to kill us. We thank you for narrowly averting disaster and hope that the world can hold it together long enough for you to take the SAT in peace next time around.

36 and below: You’re in the wrong place; this isn’t “What Your ACT Score Says About You.”