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5 things I’d do differently: School List edition

Looking back, I realize just how haphazard and uninformed my determining measures were. The media and colleges themselves (darn you, beautiful personalized pamphlets) do a great job of selling you a dream that where you go to undergrad is the most important decision you’ll ever make in your life.

Three years in, I can tell you definitively that it’s not.

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Why I didn’t care about college ECs when choosing colleges (and why you should)

When I was applying to college, I vacillated between focusing on the hard numbers – the facts, the stats, the algorithm-generated probability that I’d get in – and obsessing over discovering the “indefinable qualities” of each school. Somewhere along that continuum I guess I forgot to really look at the extracurricular opportunities each one had to offer. Other things just seemed so much more important.

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The 80/20 Rule of Relationships: Something I Wish Someone Told Me About Choosing Colleges

My friend has actually taught me a lot about relationships because she seeks counseling from the internet and often stumbles on really interesting stuff. (Thank you, Tumblr.) And I usually benefit a lot from this because I’ve found that ideas are usually not applicable to just one particular situation. Being a college student for two years (wait, what?) has taught me that your alma mater is a living, breathing organism, and you have a relationship with it that operates in similar ways, sometimes, to the relationships you have with “actual people.”

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