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Surviving US Public School as an International Student

I first moved to the United States when I was 12. Unlike many other international students, I was lucky enough to be immigrating with my entire family. Nonetheless, between the initial language barrier, culture shock, and no understanding of the admissions process when it came time to apply to college, integration into American society was no easy task!

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College Classes in High School: Are They Worth It?

Looking at which classes to take next year in high school, your eyes might have scanned over the options like AP English and AP Calculus. Maybe you paused at Dual Credit Physics, Chemistry, or Spanish, but you’re still not sure whether or not to take them. AP and dual credit courses seem like good options, but you know they won’t be a walk in the park. Are they even worth the effort?

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Making the Most of Your Summer Before College

You made it past high school graduation! Only the summer lies between you and your first year in a brand new world. Of course, there are countless ways to prepare, which can be overwhelming. So in order to break it down, I’ve come up with three categories that may help simplify your priorities. I’ve also included a few specific examples that I think were important in my own preparation.

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