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College Classes in High School: Are They Worth It?

Looking at which classes to take next year in high school, your eyes might have scanned over the options like AP English and AP Calculus. Maybe you paused at Dual Credit Physics, Chemistry, or Spanish, but you’re still not sure whether or not to take them. AP and dual credit courses seem like good options, but you know they won’t be a walk in the park. Are they even worth the effort?

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X-Men Personas: Mutants In College

I’ve dreamt about what life would be like as an X-Men for so long, it’s like I’m obsessed. So, I imagined a few of our favorite X-Men in college. If you like the movies, I think you’ll like this. I’ve paired a select few mutants with different college personalities and typical situations that a college student will have to experience. When you’re in your classes, you’ll see people like this everywhere—just without the super abilities.

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How I Learned to Value Myself as More Than Just a Student

I can barely recall a time when my life wasn’t dictated by school, so it’s easy for me to forget that “student” doesn’t define me, but is rather just a small part of my overall identity as a unique individual. Going to college doesn’t make it any easier, but the experiences I’ve had outside of studying helped me view myself as more than just a “student,” and hopefully they’ll help you see that too.

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