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What I Wish I Did in High School

When I think back to high school, there are a lot of things I’m proud of myself for—things I would definitely go back and do again. Of course, there are also regrets. If I were to do high school over again, there are a few things that I would do differently, and there are a few things that I’d never take back.

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High School Holiday-Itis. You’ve Got It. Now How Do You Get Over It?

The holiday season is upon us! With Christmas trees lining shop windows and strings of lights in the streets, Christmas break feels so close, I can almost taste it. But only almost. There’s still one thing that’s keeping me from jumping full length on the couch and staying there for a week. You can probably guess what, since it’s the very thing we’d both rather not be doing but we have to do anyway. That is, of course, homework.

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College Classes in High School: Are They Worth It?

Looking at which classes to take next year in high school, your eyes might have scanned over the options like AP English and AP Calculus. Maybe you paused at Dual Credit Physics, Chemistry, or Spanish, but you’re still not sure whether or not to take them. AP and dual credit courses seem like good options, but you know they won’t be a walk in the park. Are they even worth the effort?

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A College Application, as Written by a College Student

Writing a college application in retrospect means being able to make light of past situations that may have been uncomfortable. And that’s an important step in the growing process. It means I have perspective, maybe. Well, at least enough perspective to revisit what once was an incredibly stressful time in my life and reassign those stimuli to more lighthearted contexts, possibly symbolically letting go of that stress and becoming a person better equipped to deal with college and adult life as a whole. Or maybe I’m just screwing around. But, as I’ve learned to stress less about life in general, I’ve learned that there’s merit in screwing around, too.

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