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My Minors Gave Me More Than Just Credits

When you’re going into college, your major may seem the most important decision you have to make. I mean, this is your future career we’re talking about, right? Maybe, but not always. Sure, choosing your major is a big deal. But it’s not just your major that can play a part in where you go after the university, but your minor as well.

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Success Is Not A Clear Cut Path

College acceptances can make you feel like all your dreams have come true. But on the flip side, college rejections can feel like everything you’ve planned for has come crashing down. You may have had your heart set on the one school you were sure would propel you to success, but life has a funny way of derailing your carefully mapped out future.

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7 Awesome Subjects Your High School Might Not Offer

If you look at the subjects offered by most high schools, you’ll probably walk away convinced that the entirety of scholarship consists of social studies, English, math, and three sciences. If your passion doesn’t lie in one of those fields, college can sound like four more years of boredom. Fear not! Here are just some of the fascinating topics you can study after high school.

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