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College Applications Don’t Have To Be A Sink-Or-Swim Endeavor

Every time I think about applying to anything, it’s like I’m staring at a huge ocean, with no idea how to swim. Hopefully, this isn’t how you feel right now as you work on your college applications. If it is, don’t worry. While it may feel like you are swimming alone in deep waters, the truth is that there are a lot of people willing and eager to help you. As you begin your college applications, you don’t have to feel like it’s all on you to stay afloat.

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Splash of Cold Water: Independence Woke Me Up

Leaving for college is always a big step, no matter how far from home you’ll be. After all, leaving home is generally one of the first steps to becoming a full-blown adult. Waking up to a new and independent life is exhilarating. I certainly wanted to be on my own. In my mind, I would finally be waking up to a bright world as a full-grown adult. What I didn’t realize back then was that my initial venture into college independence was hardly what I could call “fully waking up.”

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