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How I Learned College Tours are Not Always Necessary

When it came to visiting college campuses, my choices were somewhat haphazard. The advice I had gotten in regards to the importance of visiting campuses had always been somewhat vague, so I wasn’t sure where to start; most people told me something along the lines of, “it’s helpful seeing the campus in person, especially when classes are in session and you can get a feel for what an average day as a student there is like.” While this is valid advice, there were several problems with that, as I came to learn after my visits were through.

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10 Beautiful Art Museums in the Northeast to Check Out During College Tours

Many colleges boast of their beautiful campuses to prospective students, but a lesser-known gem that many colleges don’t tend to mention right away are their art museums. Given that colleges in the Northeast are abundant in quantity and high in quality, it should come as no surprise that the same goes for art museums. Below, you’ll find suggestions for art museums that are definitely worth visiting on your next road trip touring colleges.

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