Feature image credit: fremontk12.ca.us

Ah, the Grade Point Average: one simple number that succinctly summarizes your academic history. Supposedly, anyway. In reality, there are almost as many GPA systems as there are US states.

Take this quiz to find out how your school’s GPA system compares to others across the country! And yes, every question is based on a real method used by a real US school…

If your school manages to pull an embarrassing score, don’t worry! Admissions staff are well-versed in the myriad different systems that exist. And when such a simple metric can have so many different variants, it’s no wonder that colleges are increasingly putting less weight on GPA and more weight on who you are as a person – your interests, hopes, dreams, and ambitions, your unique experiences and unusual perspectives.

Remember: no student can ever be fully described by a single number, no matter how many extra decimal places you include. (But truly bizarre GPA systems are totally worth keeping around for the entertainment value.)